Importing a Vehicle

What you need and costs involved.

Helpful Websites:

Transport Canada -
Here more than anything you can see if the vehicle you want to import is allowed entry into Canada

Registrar of Imported Vehicles -

Here you can find out how to import

What you need to do prior to importing

What you need to do after importing, and where Government charges that will apply for the government on the importation
Canada Border Services Agency -

Here you can find out the wait times at the different border crossings
Any policy changes about tax exemptions, tariff changes or reductions as well as increases

Canada Revenue Agency -
Here you will find information concerning GST, tariff, forms

Charges you can expect:

  • Air conditioning excise tax $100.00
  • Vehicles with a GVW exceeding 2000 kgm. will incur excise tax
  • GST payable on the value of the Vehicle in Canadian dollars plus the duty if any
  • Personal purchases for vehicles are subject to P.S.T. if applicable in your Province
  • Duty of 6.1% unless the vehicle us manufactured in the U.S.A. and you have a valid NAFTA Certificate.

Documents you require

  • Invoice, or bill of sale
  • NAFTA Certificate if applicable
  • Registration
  • Recall letter from the manufacturer
  • Form 1- This must be completed and submitted to the RIV at time of import
  • Form 2- This will be forwarded to you after importation

After clearance requirements

  • You will receive the Form 2 in the mail from the RIV
  • You take the Form 1, Form 2, Proof of Clearance, Recall letter from the manufacturer, To register your vehicle
  • Vehicle inspections are required prior to licensing


  • Look through the websites provided above, determine if vehicle is allowed.
  • Make sure you make the vendor aware of all the documents you expect him to provide

    Check website:
    For regulations to export a vehicle from the U.S. (72 Business hours prior notice)

    Note that vehicles presented to U.S. Customs must arrive during regular business hours Monday- Friday

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